The Screams

Janet and her family of four, were going camping in Colorado. Camping was the most funnest thing to do for Janet, her family had gone camping many times and was very experienced. Janet and her little brother Bob, had always followed the rules; memorize the camp sight number ( Witch was 32 this time ), know basic survival skills, and know their mom and dads phone number. At their camp sight, the tent was set up and the bright fire was burning in the nice moonlight.

Janet’s dad was telling a ghost story when… Janet heard a bubbling noise.

pop, pop, pop, pop.

Then the sound of oos and some faint whispers.

Drip, drip, drip, drip.

Janet got up to investigate.

Then, to the left of her, she saw a tree that was whispering and bleeding. And to the right, she saw  bubbles in a lake.