“Dump the POCKETS!” Said Janet.

Bob emptied his pockets. In them he had, a piece of old chewed bubble gum, and… nothing else.

In Janets pockets, was a piece of string.

“What if…” Janet grabbed a stick, tied the string to the stick, and tied the gum to the string. “Yes! I made a… um.”

“A stick with string and sticky gum! Yay!” Janet sighed.  “It’s useless.” She through it on the ground. “Common,” said Bob.

He tried to pick up the stick but the gum part was stuck on some grass. He pulled harder and the grass pulled up and out of the ground and a big purple hole opened and sucked Bob and Janet up.

And “POP” Janet and Bob were teleported to their campground.

“Yes!” Yelled Janet. But their site was no where to be seen.

“Don’t worry,” Said Bob. “Our site number is, um,”