Janet went to the the water, it bubbled more and more every second.

Janet stuck her hand into the water. It did feel pretty good though, like a massage. 

Then, the water made a big bubble. It grew bigger, and bigger.

Then POP! Water went every were.

It went as far as the the fire. “Then the girl was never seen again! Bum, bum, buh…” Janet’s dad said ending a story.

“Ha! That wasn’t sca…” Began Bob. Then SPLASH!!

The water had put out the fire, and soaked the family.

“Janet!!” Her dad yelled. “My book is ruined!” “How did you even splash us with all that water?!” Asked Bob.

Janet’s mom nodded and said “Mmh…”

Janet said “well it…” she stopped. “It wasn’t me! I promise!”

“Oh, of corse! It was like a monster!” Laughed Bob.

Janet’s dad looked like he was going to cry. “Go inside and get some clean towels now. And you owe me a knew book!”

Janet sighed. She had been saving up on a keyboard and now she had to buy a “spooky” book.

Janet climbed into her sleeping bag after everything and everyone had been dried.