Everyone was getting along. But Janet was thinking about the mysterious things of last night.

She was sitting on a rock weaving some grass when she was tapped on the shoulder, but she didn’t respond.

A second tap and she snapped out of her “trance”.

“Janet!!” Echoed Bob. “I want to know if you want to go on a trail ride on horses? Or go to a petting zoo with baby animals?”

“But…” He continued “My vote is a horse ride. I want to go through a waterfall!”

“Well, my vote is cute baby animals.” Said Janet’s mom. “And they have an ice cream shop!”

“I want to ride in a waterfall.” Said Janet’s dad. “Ha!” Said Bob “2-1. Trail ride!”

“OK, OK.” Said Janet’s mom. “If Janet votes baby animals we go. But if she votes ride some horses, we ride.”

Janet felt pressured. “Um…”