Janet took a big breath. 

She violently shook Bob back and forth. It was the only way to wake him up.

Bob slowly woke up. “Jan… Is it morning already? Hey! What gives? It’s not even five A.M.!”

“Zip it!” Scolded Janet, “We’re going to make a run for it. There’s a pack of wolfs outside, I’m worried they’re going to attack. So carefully walk to the other end of this tree.

We’ll run to the other side of that hill…” She pointed to a hill far away, “and we’ll find a new tree to take shelter under. Better yet, find a house or tent…”

Bob hesitated but said, “OK.”  The two crept around the tree. “On one, two, three!” They darted towards the hill.

Then, “AAAAAAHWOOOOOOH!” And Bob spotted six wolfs running at him and Janet.

“Janet, let’s run faster!” He said as he pulled ahead of Janet. Janet stopped and turned around. “No, no, no, no, no!”

She sprinted as fast as she could go.

“What have I done?” She said. She fell on a tree’s root that was popping out of the ground. 

She was so shaken she couldn’t stand. She tried to get up but fell. She tried again, and again, then again. She failed.

So she decided to sit for a few seconds. One, two, three! She sprung up and ran on. She took a sharp left and hid behind a tree.

The pack of wolfs ran past her. She sunk onto the ground and slowed her hart rate.

“We did it Bob.” Were is Bob? “Oh dang it! He must have kept on running. In the direction the pack of wolfs is headed! BOB!” 

She ran faster than ever before in her life.

She saw Bob climbing a tree with… the wolfs at the bottom!

“What can I do to distract the wolfs? I could… through a big stick to make them think a different animal is near, or I could climb a tree, and hide in the branches and make an animal sound.”