“Sorry mom,” sighed Janet. “it will be fun to go through a waterfall.”

“Trail ride, trail ride, trail ride!” Chanted the boys.

“Oh well,” Said Janet’s mom. “I’ll put on my sun hat.”

Janet felt a little bad for not choosing the baby animals, but she was going to go through a waterfall!

They drove along a road to a cabin. The sign on a door read:  WELCOME TO SINGING BIRD’S CABEN!

It seemed to be a nature-based hotel.

Then, they walked along a trail. There was a cool fall breeze.

Then they came along 4 Morgan horses. 1 black, 2 white, and 1 brown.

Janet and Bob chose first. Bob chose a white one named Bolt, and Janet chose the black one named Whiskers.

Mom took the other white one named Lightning. Janet luaghed. “Oh, Lightning and Bolt!”

And dad was left with the brown one, Rocky. He didn’t mind though.

The lead rider Mia rode her Arabian, Chance.

She explained the plants and trees as the other 4 rode up a small hill.

It was very pretty. Orange and yellow leaves covered the trees, and there was a view of a small town.

Janet’s mom was glad she went, Janet could tell by the big smile on her face.

Then she heard the whispering of the tree at the camp site, but this time it was clear what it was saying:

“The ending of the story is up to you, the ending of the story is up to you. But listen to the ending of your dadsssssss…”

The “s” went on for longer than what Janet was comfortable with. Janet’s hart beat faster.

Then the waterfall was ahead, Janet began to relax of the sound of the… bubbles.

That reminded her of the bubbles at the lake.

When they approached the waterfall, it began to chant too. Janet knew it must be cursed.

She stoped her horse and said “I’ll just wait out here.”

“You won’t get that wet Jan.” Said Bob.

Janet shook her head. Bob shrugged.

The rest walked in to the waterfall.

On the walk back, she kept on thinking about the voice. When they got back, everyone was hot.

“Let’s get some nice ice cream!” Said mom. “Ooh, that place looks good.” Said dad. “Weird name, but I’m sure it’s fine.”

The sign read: SFLES POU YE VAS ( Pronounced as SLEEVES poo ya vase ).

“I just…want…food!” Groaned Bob