“No thanks.” Said Bob. “We’re not lost.”

“But you just said you were lost.” Protested the cop.

“Well, um…” Began Bob.

“Oh. We were just making a movie. Me, Janet, as Janertay, and Bob, as Bickule, we are the two kids that are lost.” Awkwardly said Janet.

“Oh I love movies! May I see it so far?” Asked the cop.

“Actually, it’s not a movie, it’s a PLAY!” Said Bob.

Janet gulped. She knew he would want to see it, and that’s exactly what he asked.

“Janertay, I, the great, Bickule has stage fright.” Wispered Bob nervously.

But it was too late, the cop had sat on a rock ready to watch the play. “From the top!” He said.

Bob walked on “stage” and said, “Hello, gentelman. Prepare to be delightful, I mean delighted as we watch the life of Janertay, and Bickule!”

The cop clapped.

“Oh no! Let’s run away because our parents won’t let me and you marry.” Acted Janet.

“Really? A love story?” Asked Bob. Janet nudged him. “OH!” He said. “A love story isn’t nearly as much as, our love., for, each other?” He said.

“Let’s run away!” 

Janet and Bob pretended to jump off of a castle and Bob pretended to brake all of his bones. “Ay! Me leg! Me arm! Me neck. Tis a sad night goodbye Janertay!’ And Bob kissed Janet on the forehead. “Eeeew!” Yelled Janet. “Eeeeeewno will meet you in the sky.” And Bob ran off “stage.”

Janet said “Well, I shall run to be lost, forever.” 

The cop gasped.

“And IIIIIIIIII’m Looaoaoaoaoaoaoast. In the waaaaoooods. Forever, without my guy, Bickule!” Sang Janet very out of key.

By now the cop was crying.

Ten minutes more of acting, and the play was over.

The cop stood up and clapped wildly. 

Janet and Bob stood and bowed.

“You two are great actors!” Complemented the cop. “Were’s your next performance?”

“At site 2, Rocky Campers campground.” Said Bob.

“Hop on. I’m headed there now!” Said the cop.