“No.” Said Janet. “We’re not lost.”

“And then I dropped the Ox. My hands tingled from the hours of holding the big fat thing. It was horrible. You would think this Ox was cute, but it wasn’t. Yes, it is a baby. No, the teeth were not cute… they were gross. Each tooth was bigger than a cookie. In order to get the tooth fairy to visit I had to bribe her with 10 Franks. 10! Can you believe that? 10 Frigg’n Franks. And I thought ball park hot-dogs were a rip off… just wait until you hears about the Ox’s eye balls!.” Said the cop to Janet.

Janet and Bob were very confused.

“Hey, Boob.“ said the cop. “Remember me from high school?”

Bob furrowed his eye brow and then the other followed. He was very confused. He looked the cop straight in the eyes and said, “Yesssss?”

“Remember me from high school?” Demanded the cop.

“YES!” exclaimed Bob.

The cop seemed to have a fever. He closed his eyes and out of his ear hopped out a little cat.

The cat was blue and seemed to be pregnant. Then it gave birth to 1,111,156 1/2 baby kittens.

The half kitten was only a butt.

Janet and Bob looked at the kittens with not only confusion but with fear.

The kittens had a freakishly long tail that was three feet tall.

“Much respect.” Said the cop. “Much res…” before the cop could finish his sentence of what he was going to say, but then was interrupted by what was going to happen next which prevented him from saying, “respect” a little toot popped out of his mouth.

“Oh no!” Cried the cop. The mouth toot was so stinky it killed all the kittens besides the 1/2 baby kitten butt.

“NOOOOOOOOOO!” Cried Janet and Bob.

“Boob, Bucky, Bronco, Ballet Lady, Dumb Butt, Pickles, Kitty, Cat, Linda!!!” Yelled Bob.

“What have you done to these kitties?!” Asked Janet.

The original cat that had popped out of the cop’s ear was very depressing. The look on her face. She had grown an extra eye and her mouth had very sharp teeth and a lolly pop for a tongue. She wasn’t pregnant anymore. You see, when cats are pregnant, they stay pregnant until their babies die. So like if her kittens lived she would have been pregnant for the rest of her short lives (2 weeks… each life give or take a day.)

Bob stared at the cop, anger in his face. So much anger he looked evil. He got down on all fours and pounced on the cop. Or at least, tried to hop on him. He too had a little mouth toot, wiping out all of the land around him for one mile.

“Bob!” Scolded Janet. “Where are your manners? What do you say for wiping out all life for one mile…” 

“I’m sorry I killed everything in a range of one mile.” 

“One mile you say?” Asked the cop. “Back in my day, I had to go to school one mile both ways! It was redonkulous. Seriously, a slow donkey, named Christian, had to take me to school everyday. And made me eat my vibabims!”

“Shut up?” Questioned Janet… She had no idea what was going on.

So she awkwardly escaped the dumb cop by flying her and Bob out of the area on a unicorn with no horn and no wings, instead it helplessly flapped its legs in attempt to fly. Now Janet thought this might work but it did not. So they hopped on a bird and flew to their camp sight.