“No.” Said Janet firmly. “We have to keep going.”

Bob looked upset. “Fine.” He said. “But if we are out here for one more day, we are resting.

“Fair enough,” sighed Janet and they walked far into the night.

It was scary. The night was cold and dark.

Because it was dark, they were getting all banged up from the hidden rocks and roots.

And they both were getting scared of the creepy sounds.

And knowing there were monsters out, it was even more scary.

They walked until they found a light, so they that headed in its direction.

Soon (After what seemed to be 30 years.), they found a campground.

They searched for number 32, their sight number.

“31, 32!” Explained  Janet. ”Wait.” Said Bob.

“That’s not our tent.”

Janet gave a long sigh, “Ugh. Let’s go find a new camp.”