“Yes officer. We don’t know where our camp site is.” Said Janet.

“Oh, I see…” Said the police man. “What is the info on your site?”

“Well, it’s sight 2, in Rocky Campers camp ground, number 32.”

“Can you tell me your parents phone number?”


“Ok, I’m gonna contact them and see if they can pick you two up.” 

The phone rang.


Janet and Bob gasped.

“Hi, I found two kids um…” said the cop.

“Janet and Bob Hiker.” Said Bob

“Janet and Bob Hiker,” he said to the phone.

“They seem to be lost and…”

“Janet and Bob?!” Said the phone.

“My kids! Where are you I’ll pick ‘em up right away.”

“We are at Fountain Forest, road…” said the cop.

“Mom is coming to get us Bob! We did it!” Said Janet.

After Janet and Bobs mom came to pick them up, they drove to sight 2, number 32, and…

Their dad raced over to them and hugged them

But they were all banged up, hungry, and tired.

“Look at you both.” Scolded her mom. “What is all of this?!”