Janet looked at her legs, they were tired, and her tummy grumbled. “OK,” Sighed Janet

“Move the needles.” Bob went to work eagerly.

And Janet found a berry bush, a blueberry bush!

She knew it was a blueberry bush because she grew a lot of bushes back home.

She picked a few handfuls.

The two ate the berries as it became night time.

Janet knew what it was like to sleep under the stars, she had done it before on a backpacking trip. 

But this time it felt different, it felt scary thinking they were lost.

Janet curled up closer to Bob, whom fallen asleep. Janet heard many noises that she might have enjoyed in the safety in her tent, but she was basically just sleeping on the ground under a pine tree. A hungry wolf could easily see them at ground level eat them.

Janet felt her hart beat faster. She tried to calm herself thinking of how fast, smart, brave, and cunning she was but it didn’t work.

She heard a wolf howl and her eyes filled with tears. “Ugh!”

She thought about how mad her parents would be. Probably grounding her and never letting her explore by herself again.

But… What if she never sees her parents again?

Janet cried quietly hearing the sound of wolfs made her spring up and hit her head on a branch. “Ow!” She said.

It wasn’t anything bad, just a headache.

Then, looking forward, she saw the wolf in the distance. Actually saw them! SAW! 

She nudged Bob nut he didn’t wake up.

“What to do… think!” Janet told herself. About ten feet in front of her was a thick, long branch. “Maybe I could use that to block the wolf’s view of us…

But maybe, I should wake up Bob and make a run for it. Grabbing the branch is risky because I could let the pack of wolfs see me. But the big branch being moved could attract them, but it’s a dark night and under this tree is very safe. If I make a run for it, they could see us running in the distance but we would be safe from those wolfs…”