“Sorry boys,” sighed Janet. “I love baby animals too much.”

“But…” began Bob. “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!” Cheered mom.

“I’ll grab my sun hat!” “And I’lll grab my wallet!” Said dad.

They drove up a dirt rode and saw an entrance that said: WELCOME TO ANIMAL WORLD!

Mom was thrilled. As they gave the man at the stand their tickets, Janet’s ear was filled with the sound of many baby animals.

Moo, meow, ruff, bah, neigh, oink! “This will be so fun” Janet said excitedly.

As they walked in, Janet could see how happy Bob and her dad were to come here.

Janet knew she wanted to see the piglets first.

As they followed the path, she heard the whisper from a tree again, but this time she could hear it speak.

“The end of the story is up to you, the end of the story is up to you, but listen to the ending of your dadsssssssss…”

The “S” went on for a while.

Janet’s hart beat faster. She then decided she would get distracted with the baby animals. And she was right!

The sound of the pigs were loud, but cute. Tom, the handler, let them feed the piglets apple slices.

But after a long time (2 hours) of petting and feeding animals, they all felt hungry.

Janet’s tummy grumbled, and her head was covered in sweat.

“I need fooooooooood!” Groaned Bob. “Ooh,” Said Janet’s dad.

“Look at that place!” It was a restaurant, the sign read:  SFLES PUO YE VAS ( Pronounced as SLEEVES poo ya vase ).

“Weird name, I say we go get ice cream.”Said Janet’s mom. “Maybe this place has some ice cream and other good foods.”

“I just… want… food!” Groaned Bob.