Everyone was feeling good. Janet thought about what to do when she gets home.

School will still be out and the 3 hour drive will be long.

She will be leaving in a few days, but the reason they were here is because her mom and dad were thinking about moving to the Colorado town.

She had missed feelings about moving, but it might…

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” Janet sprung up. And bob ran over to Janet.

“Did you hear that?” He asked. “Sounds like screams.” Janet added.

“You know,” Continued Bob. “That scream was kind of like the girl in dad’s story.” Janet looked at him as if to say really? That could not be.

Bob said. “Um, must be some kids playing.” 

They heard the scream and hugged each other tight.

“Heeeeeelp!!” Yelled the mysterious being.

“You heard her,” Said Janet trying to sound brave. “Let’s look for her.”

Bob gulped and reluctantly ran after Janet. 

They were walking on a path with trees that were whispering that same thing over and over, louder and louder.

Then they hit a fork in the path, one path had a big stone, and one had a big tree. “This way!” Said Janet as she pointed to the path with the big rock, she knew it was this path because she herd the screams coming from it.

Then they found the source of the scream, or, at least were it came from, a cave.

As they walked into the cave. But as they were half way in, it seemed more like a screech.

“AAAAAAAHEEEEOOOOHWA.” It got darker and darker as they reached the end of the cave.

Janet kept on thinking of what the trees said.

Then they hit the end of the cave, and there stood a monster!

Black body with red spots,

Sharp teeth,

Long, long nails,

Big smile,

“Lizard” looking eyes,

Seven feet tall,

Ten legs,

Nine feet long,

And two dog-like ears.

Bob and Janet were frozen in fright. The monster looked at them and they looked at him.

Then it pounced, “RUN!” Screamed Bob.

The two ran as fast as they could out of the cave and down the path, the monster pouncing from tree to tree.

Then they hit the fork again. “Janet!” Said Bob whom was out of breath. “What way?!” Janet looked at the paths…