“I know it’s this way.” Said Janet as she turned to the path with the stone.

“Are you sure?” Asked Bob.

“Yes Bob, now hurry, it’s on our tail.”

“OK, but if we get lost I’m blaming it on you!”

They sprinted down the path.

And soon found a big tree that had a big smily face that someone had carved on.

Janet remembered it on the way up.

Bob felt relieved because he too had seen that tree on the way up.

They ran as fast as possible, but soon slowed down.

“I think we lost him.” Said Bob who was out of breath.

Janet too was panting, but was very happy. “Eeeeeh!” She  squealed.

“I just met a monster!” “Janet,” said Bob “Get it together. That was a monster who tried to eat us.”

Janet sighed, “You’re right Bob. But still! I have not had an adrenalin rush like that ever since I tried that horror ride a Lagoon!”

Janet looked around. “Yes! This is the way home!”

“Yup.” Said Bob. “But… It’s getting late and home could be far away and I hate the dark, and, and, and, WHAT SHOULD WE DOOOOO!”

“Well,” began Janet, “We could go look for help, or we could empty out our pockets. See if there’s any thing useful.”

“Let’s obviously…”