“I know it’s this way.” Said Janet as she led the way down the path with the tree.

Bob followed.

The path opened to a wood. The two slowed to a walk, panting. “I think we lost him.” Said Bob.

“But, I think we took a wrong turn.” Said Janet as she turned around.

Bob looked worried

“Janet…” complained Bob. “You said it was this way! So you took a wrong turn.”

“Ugh.” sighed Janet as she walked in the direction she thought would lead back to the fork.

“Mom and dad must be worried.” Said Janet.

And she was right. Her mom and dad were thinking they were off exploring, but once it hit twelve o’clock (Lunch time), they were worried.

So they searched the area.

Bob and Janet found it was getting dark, so they were hungry, thirsty, and tired. And by then her mom and dad had sent out a search party.

“Lets take shelter at this pine tree.” Said Bob as he took Janet’s arm and led her to the tree. Janet pulled away. The whispering was a thing she thought would go on for the rest of her life. And this tree was big, so a louder whisper.

“No.” said Janet. “We have to keep going!” Bob groaned. “But Janet, I’m hungry and tired.”