“I’m supper sorry.” Said Bob. “Yah,” continued Janet. “We herd a, “scream” and followed it. We just wanted to help it.”

“But…” added Bob. “It was actually a monster who tried to eat us and…” Janet cut him off.

“Well,” Said Janet’s dad grumpily. “You were gone for a long time.”

The next day they were packing up.

And it wasn’t until before they let a monster walked past that her mom and dad were convinced monsters were real.

So they made each of them a “Monster Bag” To bring every were they go.

It contained:

A flashlight, two water bottles, three small bags of cracker goldfish, one banana, some candy, walky-talkies, and a change of clothes. 

They also attached a GPS to their bags and bought then new boots.

Janet also got a journal to wright about  monsters, She drew what it looked like, and wrote its features and its weaknesses.

And after three months, her family decided to move to Colorado!

Janet was thrilled. She was going to find more monsters to study.

And go on lots of adventures with Bob.